Plan a Crafty Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Stuck for ideas for your child's birthday party? A crafty teddy bear themed party is a lot of fun for younger children, and isn't too difficult to plan or execute. It's easy to theme everything from the activities to the food, and won't break the bank. Kids will love the chance to take part in all sorts of teddy-themed activities - especially since they'll be able to get creative! The memory of a great birthday party will stay with your child forever, and including the ideas below will guarantee a really special day.

Decorate your own teddy bear

If you're planning a party with lots of friends, contact a soft toy wholesaler to buy teddy bears in bulk. It's a good idea to pick up a few spares, in case of mishaps or unexpected party guests. Choose a plain, unisex design of bear - this activity is all about letting the kids express themselves. Pick a bear that's fabric rather than furry, then purchase some fabric pens and allow kids to draw all over their toy. They might choose stars, flowers, hearts, or footballs - the possibilities are endless! Supplying different colored ribbon will allow kids to make ties, necklaces, bows and hair bands for their bears. Make sure that you choose age-appropriate craft supplies, and supervise kids at all times.

Teddy bear fashion show

Chances are you've got some old baby clothes or dressing up accessories lying around - these will make perfect props for a teddy bear fashion show. Allow each child to dress their bear up as they wish, and then have a catwalk. Give special prizes for different types of bear - you could have categories for most creative, most fashionable, and most practical. Buy some cheap rosettes to personalize and present to the winners.

Teddy bears' picnic

Roll out the picnic blanket and get ready for a magical birthday lunch! Investing in a teddy bear shaped cutter is a great idea - you can make teddy shaped sandwiches and biscuits, and could even cut shapes out of healthy snacks like cucumber. To keep the creative theme going, let kids decorate their own teddy bear biscuit with icing and sprinkles.

Traditional picnic food will also go down well - think mini sausage rolls, scotch eggs, and pizza rolls. Finger food like this is lots of fun, easy for kids to eat, and should cut down on mess. If the weather's bad, try an indoor picnic on a blanket in a large room. The novelty of this is loads of fun for kids, way better than having to sit down at the table! You could keep other activities on the picnic blanket, too, as it will double as a handy floor protector during crafts.